Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Apparently, I lack focus. I have completely forgotten about blogging! I'm still not sure people noticed, but I think some people have...due to strange comments!'s a recap of life since April:

**Decided to become a little crazy and become a Vacation Bible School Director at church (YIKES! HUGE RESPONSIBILITY!!)

**Went to Miami...just me and the hubby...what a wonderful vacation! 4 days on the beach/pool at the Loews Hotel. Also, we ate at some fabulous restaurants too!

**I took a job at Jack and Ainsley's Preschool/Parents Day Out program! I'm helping in the preschool room...this should be interesting! I love staying home, but this opportunity was just too good to pass up!

**Celebrated our 9th anniversary with dinner and a hotel visit in husband is WAY more romatic than me! That's why I love him!

**Attended my grandma's auction of household stuff...who knew one gal of 97 years had so much cool to see, but also sad to see it go away. So many wonderful memories!

**Signed Jack up for swim lessons, Kindermusik, and tball. This kid is busy! Ainsley needs something to do too, but she's just a little too young!

**Visit to the Lake...Jack and Ainsley both tubed and I skiied! Man, I am soooo sore!

I promise to write more! My family bought me a Flip camera and I have already put it to great use! I hope to load some videos up soon!

Much love to you all...

I think that is it!

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