Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weather Radio

So, I just purchased this so called wonderful weather radio that will alarm you when there is a storm warning. It also let's you know about watches in the area. Gary Lezak of KSHB, channel 41, says everyone needs a weather radio as does every other weather caster in the area. So I purchased one, mainly because we had a tornado in early May that hit just over the hill from our house. I really was trying to be very responsible and purchased the Midland WR-100 from Walgreens. Well...all I know is ours doesn't work. So much for the great weather radios. I have already emailed the company concerning this problem. I will keep you updated. However, I will say, everyone really does need a weather radio. After the early May storm, I would suggest everyone get one--just make sure it really works!

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